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Weather Display Widget

A Yahoo Widget that works with Weather Display weather station software where the clientraw.txt data file is uploaded to a web server.

Current Version: 0.9.5 download


• Choose any clientraw.txt location
• Live update interval from 5 to 60 seconds
• English or Metric units
• Wind speed in knots option
• Wind speed in km/hr or m/s when using metric option
• Rain rate appears only when raining
• Auto-switches between Heat Index and Wind Chill
• Activity LED flashes when new data retrieved
• Asynchronous HTTP requests
• Choose any font color
• 5 different backgrounds
• Runs on Windows XP SP2, 2000 SP4, or Windows Vista (Mac OS X 10.3.9 and up not supported yet)


Default Screen
Current Condition Icons
English or Metric Units

5 different background colors
blue, brown, gray, green...
... and transparent Current Temperature Shows in the Dock

Program Preferences


Version History

0.9.5 beta / August 2007
• Added: Fix to handle free web hosts that add HTML to clientraw.txt data

0.9.4 beta / July 2007
• Added: Red data LED when bad or incomplete data received
• Added: Current temperature shows in dock

0.9.3 beta / June 2007
• Fix: URL does not have to have a trailing slash anymore
• Fix: English rain total changed to hundreths decimal
• Added: Reset timer when preferences are saved

0.9.2 beta / June 2007
Initial public version


Weather Display Widget
For users of Weather Display weather station software.
Written by Johnny Wetlaufer

Some Javascript for this Yahoo Widget has been adapted from the AJAX script (ajaxWDwx.js) for the
Carter Lake templates available at Ken True's site:
(used on this site!)

Contributing authors to the ajaxWDwx.js include:
Kevin Reed -
Pinto -
Tom Chaplin -
Ken True -
FourOhFour on
Johnny Wetlaufer -

* Weather Display logo used with permission from Brian Hamilton -
* Current condition icons used with permission from Larry Boyd -